Thursday, May 17, 2012

You know you´re in Honduras when...

In a total of five days traveling and living with our wonderful, wonderful host families in La Ceiba, some of las mujeres {the women =)) have compiled a list of universal truths in regards to our stay so far. Some of these things make us laugh, some of them make us anxious, but all are a part of the experience in this beautiful country!

You know you're in Honduras when...
1. You're sweating out every ounce of liquid in your body.
2. You're sitting next to a machete in the daycare, or the stores and banks are guarded with security and machine guns
*This is for the security of everyone there, and for mowing the worries parents!
3. You have a better chance of finding a gecko in your room than a spider...because they eat them.
4. Ice cream costs approximately 60 cents.
5. There are more taxis on the road than regular vehicles, and the soundtrack to the trip is...'BEEP BEEP'
6. When flash flooding stops any plans you had made...because after all, as a new friend has told us, 'Honduras only has two seasons...Winter, and Rain!'
7. You think the dogs are stray...but they're not. Dogs here are treated very differently than in the United States...They are given free reign of the neighborhood! No leashes!
8. When there is entire street dedicated to American fast food restaurants...por ejemplo::Pizza hut, popeyes, dominos, wendy's, KFC....Everything, except McDonalds
9. When youre always waiting on Garrett and Michael....Even though they swear they're never late. =)
10. When you can't describe how loving and welcoming the people of Honduras are...They open their hearts and their homes, and are just about as warm as the weather! =)

We're all safe, happy, and looking forward to day six. We're headed to the Jungle School in the morning, and we'll swim in the river in the mountains. Then it's off to our volunteer placements in the afternoon! Stay tuned!
-Las Mujeres

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