Tuesday, May 15, 2012

May 15, 2012

After a mechanical delay in Atlanta which threatened to delay us for many hours, we arrived in San Pedro Sula, weary but happy to be in Honduras and only 3 hours late.  Our bus was there to collect us and as soon as we loaded the luggage, we started out immediately for La Ceiba.  After stopping for a snack at a fun and touristy restaurant, we arrived in La Ceiba a little after 6 and went right to our host families who greeted us warmly.

Now it is about 9 on Tuesday and we are gathering for our Orientation meeting.  Much laughter is heard outside the window as I write this, so it sounds like it was a good night for all.

We have a day of Orientation, going to the bank, visiting our possible work sites and such.  We will write more later in the day.

Sr. Sean

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