Tuesday, May 15, 2012

This morning we had the first part of our Orientation and then went to the bank to exchange money and pick up essentials like water and sports drink which we drink because it is so warm here that we sweat a lot!!
Later we visited the four places that we can work so that tonight we can choose two of those places where we will have an opportunity to serve in the next few weeks.  We visited a school for those with handicapping conditions, a daycare center, a school in the community that scavenges on the dump for a living and an orphanage.  Tomight we will have an opportunity to choose among those among those possibilities.

This afternoon it rained for a while and that really helped with the heat.  It is much cooler this evening. 

Tomorrow we start at our various work places so by tomorrow night we will have a lot of stories to report. 

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