Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Senor MacDonald tiene un camposino....

Hola familias y amigos! Sorry you haven´t heard from us in a while, but we´ve been so busy enjoying our expeirence that we just haven´t had the chance to write!

Today was another fun day at the Dump school. Jess, Casey, Caitlyn and I decided to teach the students how to say different animals in English by using the song Old MacDonald...only that is a pretty difficult song for young Honduran children to understand. So we attempted to translate it for them on the spot and came up with a completley butchered version, but they did really like singing e-i-e-i-o and making all the animal sounds. They also taught us their hand games, similar to our patty-cake, and Jess discovered that she has no hand-eye coordination. The kids were great with us though and took time to teach us all the hand moves and even some of the words. The group that goes to the Orphanage got to hang out witht eh kids, who have made them tons of crafts and jewlery, and the new puppies that the kids just got as guard dogs for their soon-to-be new home. They named the puppies Max and Amber and they are adorable!

Every night we have a whole group meeting and we are asked different questions to reflect upon our experiences so far. Today was a really funny night because we were asked to share the best or funniest memories from our placements or from the whole trip. We spent nearly a half hour just laughing hysterically at everything that had happened so far, both with all the kids and with each other.

Tomorrow is our last day at our regular palcements and I´m sure it´s going to be very hard for everyone to say goodbye to all the kids we´ve bonded with. Thursday and Friday will be spend at the camposinos helping build a bathroom and dig drainage ditches. It´s hard to believe that our trip is quickly coming to an end and it´s definitely something we´re all trying to not think about for now!

Adiós amigos y familias!

-Kait and Jess G

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