Friday, May 18, 2012

Dia Seis!

Today we found out that cheerleading is pretty much the same in every country! After visiting the Jungle School and learning about what it´s like to literally go to school in the jungle, jaguars, chickens, ducks included, we were able to watch the students from the Jungle School play in a futbol match. The young girls created their own pom-poms out of shredded newspaper and red plastic to cheer on the boys team. They shouted cheers from the sidelines, including the spanish version of ´Give me a (insert letter here)´which is ´Dame una (insert spanish letter here)´ We asked the girls to teach us their cheers so we could cheer along with them.

Afterwards, we went to Rio Congrejal, which is near the Jungle School, and were able to enjoy the refeshing waters. Some of us even felt extra-adventurous and decided to do some cliff jumping, while others chose to catch some rays on the rocks. It was a great and relaxing morning before we headed off to our afternoon placements.

Tomorrow is another day of fun in the sun at Cayos Cochinos, a small island about an hour away, where we will snorkel and have a grand ole time. We will also eat lunch and meet some local island people. Our day starts promptly at 7am, so it´s buenos noches para nostros!

Kait and Casey

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