Saturday, May 19, 2012

Cayos Cochinos is Amazing!

We went to Cayos Cochinos today which is a group of beautiful islands off of the Northern coast of Honduras. Marine biologists go there to study the wildlife and a tourists go there to put a smile on there face. We took about a forty five minute site seeing boat ride to the islands and were able to do some snorkeling around the coral reef once we got there. Anywhere you look there is beauty. The mountains in the distance look surreal, the sand on the beaches is the type of sand you see on The Travel Channel, and under water tops it all. The coral has brilliant purples and yellows, and the colors that the fish have make it look dull. While snorkeling I think we all got enough salt water in our noses to keep us healthy for the rest of the trip.

For lunch on one of the islands, we choose between pan fried snapper with rice and fried bananas, and a soup made with snapper, rice, and mashed bananas. In case you´re wondering, bananas are a staple food here. Its basically the potato of Honduras. They pick them when they are still green so sweetness isn´t there and they hold up better when you cook them.

Today was certainly a treat. Until next time.

Garrett and Mike

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