Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hola Americanas! Today was yet another day of fun in the sun. After enjoying a bowl of corn flakies we embarked on a full day of volunteering. We had to dodge the man eating beasts that have been proweling the neighborhood (Two Pitbulls). We saw them get into a fight the night prior. Anyway, the dump school was closed so we spread out at our other locations and dodged the rain until the evening time. In fact, it is pooring out right now which is making it impossible to get back home. Serveral inches of rain in the road! So you can thank the rain for this post that is going to be longer than it otherwise would be. A highlight of the day was when Casey got the young girl at INFA to smile!! After many failed attempts by the rest of us. Stay tuned for posts from the rest of the group and better posts from us!

Garrett and Mike

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