Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday, May 19

It has been the hottest day so far in sunny Honduras. My guess is that it is over 100 degrees fahrenheit today but check the weather channel for the truth! Maybe it just feels that hot. Or maybe it is because all the HondureƱos have been complaining today about the heat.

All else is going very well. I am with a group of students teaching in the Emilia de Cuire school. This is a school for the mentally and physically handicapped. It is one of the very few special schools in Honduras. Usually those students are kept at home and  ignored by all but their immediate families. It is not that Hondurans are insensitive to the needs of these children it is just that the needs of all are so great here. One can only do so much.

I connected today with Sussanna Rosales, a very special women I have come  to know over the years. She lieves with her  family and about 300 other people on the dump in La Ceiba. She has once again invited us to her house for a conversation on Saturday morning. Once never leaves her presence without being changed immensely. I can't wait to introduce our students to her.

Know that all is well and we are all being chenged by this experience with the poor.

Fr. Chris 

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