Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Beginning to say good-bye

Today was our last day at our ¨ordinary¨ assignments. Tomorrow and Friday we will be working to build a bathroom for a school that serves a very poor campesino (poor farming) community. So today we had to say goodbye to the children we have come to know and love in the schools, orphanages and daycare centers in which we have worked. It is always amazing to me how in just a few days these very poor children let us into their lives...and how much they penetrate ours. One little boy today, Hector, in the Special School cried and refused to let go as the school day ended. My promise to return next year  with other students from the College did not help until I told him he could keep my pencil until I saw him next year. That assured him and he finally stopped crying. How deeply we come to touch each others lives in such a short time. It is tough to say goodbye...

Fr. Chris

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