Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Our Last "Regular" Day

Though it seems impossible, today is our last day to go to our "regular" work places.  Actually "regular" hardly seems like the right term since we only had 2 days last week and 2 days this week to experience these work sites.  Amazingly, our hearts and minds bonded with the people, especially the children, so quickly.  We will find it hard to say that last good-bye at the schools, the day care center and the orphanage.  . 

We skipped our evening meeting last night -- everyone needed a free night to just rest and relax.  So, at least we started out this day with a little more energy -- but this heat certainly saps any extra vim for our northern bodies.  Too bad we can´t bottle a little of it and spread it over the cooler days we have this summer in the Northeast.

Tomorrow and Friday we go back to the campesino to complete our work there -- painting the desks we sanded last week and working on building the bathroom.  The contractor is there today getting the bathroom started.  So, we will see some improvements as we leave there on Friday.  That will be a nice completion to our work here. 

When we came and were getting used to Honduras, two-weeks seemed like a long time, but as we begin to look toward the end of our time here, two weeks seems to just fly by.  We will be home to you before we know. 

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