Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dig, Dig, Paint, Paint

Today found us at the campesino digging a pit to provide a bathroom for the school.  We amazed one another with our ability to swing a pickaxe and carry out the extra dirt.  The deeper we got, with less and less breeze available, the hotter it got.  We were so glad for the extra water we picked up on the way and the suggestion that we bring rags to wrap our hands in the absense of work gloves. 

While some spent the day "in the hole" others of us painted the outside of the school and the chairs and tables that we had sanded the last time we were at the campesino.  It´s satisfying to see our work coming to fruition for these folks who have so litte. 

We find it almost impossible to think that tomorrow is our last full day here in La Ceiba.  On the other hand, we look forward to so many things that we miss about the US. 

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