Sunday, May 15, 2011

Getting Ready

Excitement mounts as we pack for our trip to Honduras -- each traveler allowed to take only 1 roll-abord and one other small item.  But we have a good parking list, so everything should fit.  Thirteen of us will leave by bus from Saint Rose on the morning of Monday, May 16 to travel via JFK to Miami and then on to Honduras, eventually finding ourselves in La Ceiba on the north coast of Honduras.
La Ceiba is named after the tree in the picture to the right which were plentiful in the area, though many fewer remian now. 

Honduras is a country of contrasts with breathtaking scenery, side by side with abject poverty.  During our two-week stay we hope to work both in the city at schools and a day-care center as well as in a rural area near Jutiapa. 

As we travel and learn more about the country, we will share our stories. 


  1. One year ago, I found myself getting ready to journey to Honduras with the Saint Rose group - many blessings to you all this year. I'll keep you in my thoughts in the coming weeks!

    Thanks for setting this up, Michelle - I'll be following! :)

    Safe travels!

    - Kerry

  2. So interested in this blog! Please include as many details as possible and let us back at home know how we can help with donating items or any other ways.

  3. I will be checking out your blog.

  4. Thinking and Praying for all of you! Enjoy yourselves and stay safe!

  5. Have fun Sister Sean and crew! Honduras is such a great country and the people are among the friendliest in the world. I hope everyone has a great and safe trip, and I'm really looking forward to hearing about other people's Honduras volunteer experiences while I'm here back home for a change - it's usually the other way around!