Monday, May 30, 2011

Back in the USA

Saturday morning we went to Glenda's where we first spent some time on the zip lines -- a particularly fun set of 18 legs.  All of us decided to go and were glad for the experience.  Then we went to a natural hot spring where most of us had mud packs applied.  After a delightful dinner, we spent time in the many pools on the property.  On the way to the buses, we received certificates and t-shirts from the Central American Spanish Scool for our volunteer work.  We took our last group picture and hurried back to finish our packing to catch our 4:00 PM bus to the airport. 

Saturday night found us in San Pedro Sula for our final meeting -- a lovely affair where we named the gifts of each of our traveling companions.  Those of us who decided to sleep (as opposed to those who decided to spend the last night talking) found our beds immediately after the meeting for a short night indeed.

We arose at 3:30 AM so that we would arrive in plenty of time for our first flight and ended up with time to spare -- partly because our driver took advantage of the somewhat empty roads.  That first flight was  a bit bumpy, but relatively short since we just had to fly over the Carribean to get to Miami.  Customs came in Miami, where international travelers seem to walk all the way around the entire airport to find the customs desk.  They do not seem to have the most efficient system, but we all eventually found our way through in time for some lunch.  Many looked for "American" food, so we saw pizza or hot dogs as people ate. 

Our flight to JFK took off on time and landed a bit early and our bus driver, Frank, was right there to meet us.  We hit a bit of traffic on the way acoss Long Island, but since it was Sunday of a holiday weekend, we did to do too badly.  After a stop to drop off two of our members in New Paltz, we arrived back in Albany by 10ish, weary but glad to be back. 

Now starts the reentry with part of our hearts still with the people of Honduras.  Already some of us are making plans to return. 

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