Friday, May 24, 2013

Last Days in Guatemala

Hello, readers! Sorry we haven't posted on a few days, we've been so busy!

On Tuesday night, we all learned to do the salsa! (And it was quite a hilarious experience). Our instructor, Fernando, was quite the professional, and quite patient with us as he taught us our basic steps! Watch out, America, we're professional salsa dancers now!

On Wednesday, the girls working at the orphanage and the daycare had their last day. It was a bittersweet ending, with memories to last a lifetime.

On Thursday, we all came back together to build our last stove. It was BEAUTIFUL! We even finished with a few minutes to spare due to our quick working now that we knew all the steps.

Today is sadly our last day in Xela. We are all together at The Street Children Project, making tons of grilled cheeses for all the kids here. We hoped to bring a little taste of America to Guatemala, to have the children experience new foods.

Tonight we are having our last dinner together at a local restaurant to tie up our wonderful trip.

Tomorrow we depart Xela at 5am, beginning our long trip back home!

See you all soon!!

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