Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Day 8: Today we climbed a volcano with a couple obstacles along the way. It was a pretty difficult hike that at times felt like we were never going to reach the top. Thankfully our chaperone Joe warned us about a flock of sheep, goats, and rams that were approaching us by calmly saying "there are animals coming...there coming!". We all made it to higher ground as the farmer and tour guide laughed at our reaction to the harmless animals. After that interaction, we proceeded up the volcano. We then came face to face with 3 cows, the tour guide distracted them with his red shirt and stick while we safely went around them. We finally made it to the top of the volcano, laughing about our animal interactions along the way! When we got to the top at 2100 ft. above sea level and it was quite cloudy and visibility was pretty bad. We waited about 20 minutes and were able to see the other volcanos. The view was well worth the wait. During the wait we heard two eruptions that sounded like airplanes, but was unable to see any lava like we expected.  The walk down was not as strenuous and all made it down safely! After the volcano hike we went to the Center where we shopped and found a lot of great souvenirs. We then enjoyed pizza at the local pizza place to celebrate Bridgette's 20th birthday. To finish off the night on the way back to the school for our meeting it started down pouring. The chaperones all opted to walk in the rain while the girls got cab rides home. Joe experienced the classic movie scene where the cab hits a puddle and soaks the pedestrian. To end the fun filled day we enjoyed cupcakes at our meeting and sang happy birthday to Bridgette. 

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