Friday, May 17, 2013


Hola blog readers,

Posting live from an Internet cafe! Last night we all visited the chocolate house as a group and it was very good! We started out with a chocolate fountain and plates of fruit as well as yogurt we added the chocolate to, and hot chocolate to finish off the treats. The chocolate house is actually a family's home where they run the business and have for many generations. The woman talked to us about the history of chocolate and how it was first gold for the Mayans. Basically everyone in the world loves chocolate especially because it can be used for so many different things. While she was speaking her son did his best to translate to English for us. He didn't seem conscious of the fact that she was giving us a presentation because he walked around the house making loud funny noises. He even took out a huge knife to cut down a decoration that was in the way for our picture. I think we were all entertained by him and his care free attitude more than anything.  The group working at the street children project created an awesome painted mural with characters like nemo and woody from toy story. Today at the day care a few of us enjoyed a siesta they had which was a fundraiser for the children at the daycare. They were so gracious for our donations and we ate some nachos and queso. The woman named Hope who was in charge of the association that helps fund the daycare was there and someone we will definitely remember. She gave us memory rings and expressed her joy that we were there and hopes that we will return again some day. Tonight we plan to go out to dinner as a group- a much needed Mexican meal.

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