Thursday, May 16, 2013

dia 4

Hola blog follwers,

Today has been another sunny and beautiful day in Guatemala. Another group arrived today from Maine and joined us at the street project. Today was a great day for teaching English at the local school. The students reviewed what they learned yesterday (food) by competing in a lively boys vs. girls game. Then they learned about clothes and accessories by using hand drawn pictures of people wearing various outfits. They were very eager and excited to learn English and were picking up the words very well. On the way home from the school some of us had the oppurtunity to visit a local market. At the market there were many people selling fruits, vegetables, material, jewelry, and pottery. This market was very huge and we were only able to see a quarter of it. We cannot wait to go back. Tonight, as a group, we will be visiting a chocolate factory. This will be a very sweet experience!

Adios for now,
The Guata Girls and Joe

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