Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Day 2

Hola from Guatemala, Day 2!

We arrived safe and sound in Quetzaltenago yesterday around 6:30pm and had dinner with our host families before sleeping for the night since we were EXHAUSTED.

Today we started our volunteer placements with 5 of us going to the Street Children Project, 5 of us at the Orphanage and Day Care, and 3 people at a local school.

Those at the street children project painted in the morning and helped with maintenance, then played with the children in the afternoon. The kids loved playing soccer (fĂștbol) and getting piggy-back rides, which made for some hilarious pictures. The kids also loved playing with English/Spanish flash cards that we brought alone with us. Those at the orphanage and day care enjoyed a day in the sun playing games with the kids like charades, duck duck goose, and Simon says. The volunteers at the local school are in charge of teaching basic English and computer skills to students ages 12-17.

We are about to head out on a tour of the city, but want all our friends and family to know that we are well and miss you all very much, but are very excited for the rest of our trip!

Til tomorrow,
The Guata Girls and Joe!!

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  1. We are all happy to see you guys made it there safely. We miss you Sister Betsy!
    The DCMP