Thursday, May 22, 2014

Day 11

Today we went to school and decided to dedicate the entire day to painting the front of the school. Out fear was that the anticipated rain would prevent us from finishing! We did not let that stop us, so we decided to start as soon as we arrived at 8 am!

We worked until about noon, but then had a ran scare and started cleaning up. At this point the wall was basically finished except for the upper trimming. We only had one person working on upper trimming because we only had one ladder! At that point Christina was on the ladder and she was not letting the rain get in her way. She continued to work and decided she wasn't going to stop unless the rain got worse... The rain stopped after a little bit! Christina finished the upper trimming with two minutes to spare before lunch! We did it, we finished the wall!

After lunch we all went back home to shower before our adventure to the chocolate factory. At the chocolate factory, we learned a bit of chocolate history and then made some chocolate of our own. The chocolate factory was a tasty experience!

Only one day left in our trip and we are all sad to say goodbye, but we are ready to enjoy our last full day in Guatemala!

Goodnight and see you all in 48 hours!

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