Thursday, May 8, 2014

Almost on Our Way

Classes are over and graduation is only two days away.  So now we can concentrate on our final preparations for our trip to Guatemala.  We hope to work in a school and help families who live in tin-roofed, dirt-floored homes prepare for the upcoming rainy season.  By the way, the rainy season will probably start while we are in Guatemala, so we are all bringing appropriate footware, ponchos, umbrellas and whatever else we need to do to look like we expected this -- which we do.

We also plan to paint the front of the school, so that should be a good day.  Since it will be on a Saturday, we're not sure whether any of the students will be there that day, but watch this space and we'll update you about that in a little more than a week.

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we make our final preparations.  It's both exciting and a bit scarey to take off into unknown territory. 

More to come. 

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